Local Government Executive Briefing

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Local Government:
Learn how you can empower your workforce, drive efficiencies, improve citizen engagement and enable data-driven decisions

Invitation only

Where: Plateau, 4th Floor, Canada Place, London E14 5ER
When: 28th June, 2023

Welcome Drinks & Presentation: 6.30pm
Dinner & Roundtable Discussion: 7:30pm
Coffee & Conversation: 9pm
Carriages: 9.30pm

During the briefing, we will specifically explore how you can quickly initiate your digital transformation journey. We will provide practical guidance and real examples of how Local Government Agencies are leveraging Salesforce to address the unique needs and challenges faced by your workforce and citizens.

Discussion Points

Consolidating your point systems into a single application: With Salesforce public sector solutions, we can run your authority on a single platform and provide a single view of your citizens.

Streamlining Inefficient Processes: Manual and paper-based processes often lead to delays and errors as well as navigating multiple systems and applications to find data. With Salesforce Public Sector Solutions (PSS) , we empower you to optimise operations by automating tasks, digitising workflows, and integrating to your back-office systems. This results in improved service delivery, faster response times, and greater operational efficiency.

Enhancing Citizen Engagement: Traditional methods of citizen engagement have limitations in terms of reach and effectiveness. Our Salesforce Public Sector Solutions leverages cutting-edge technology platforms such as social media, mobile apps, and self-service forums. By embracing these tools, you can enhance citizen engagement, foster transparency, and enable an informed decision-making process.

Data Management and Analytics: Digital transformation equips local governments with the ability to harness the power of data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning. By leveraging these technologies, you can gain valuable insights, drive efficiency, make evidence-based policy decisions, and engage in proactive planning.

Your executive Hosts

Mandev Virdee

Adapt IQ

Steve Hamilton

Adapt IQ

Richard Young

Head of Local Government

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