Case Study


The electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of risk


Founded in 2017, AkinovA is a regulated electronic marketplace for the transfer and trading of re/insurance risk. Backed by Hiscox, MS&AD, and guided by a team and advisory board with extensive experience, AkinovA is the first new regulated insurance marketplace since Lloyd’s of London Act of Parliament in 1871. AkinovA enables capital providers, brokers, agents and cover buyers with a safe and remote electronic space to enable them to exchange information and agree transactions within a low friction environment with increased speed of execution.


AkinovA, alongside their own platform, used email, document generation and complex spreadsheets to manage their clients, and a B2B intelligence service to source and maintain information on their prospective and current clients.

AkinovA selected Adapt IQ as their partner to support their strategic initiative to digitise these operations into a single scalable platform: Salesforce Sales Cloud. Their core objectives were to enhance the matching of Brokers, Cover Buyers and Capacity Providers, benefit from enhanced analytics and gain a single source of truth, in real-time, to enable data-driven decisions.

AkinovA previously maintained email campaigns through a 3rd party email marketing platform. With a focus on reducing disparate systems, AkinovA chose to enhance their marketing capabilities with Pardot.

Our Solution

1. Understanding their objectives

During the discovery period Adapt IQ sought to understand AkinovA’s business processes and objectives, and advise on the design, data model and technical configuration of the solution. Aside from the matching process, a key criteria of the solution was to enhance and simplify AkinovA’s marketing efforts and compliance processes, to enable efficient onboarding of new clients. Reporting requirements were also critical, to enable AkinovA to have a holistic view of their business and adoption of Salesforce. Adapt IQ provided a live ‘proof-of-concept’ demonstration in a Salesforce environment to demonstrate our intended approach.

2. Defining their Approach

Having mapped the desired business outcomes against the technical requirements, and having gained feedback from our demonstration, our solution was established. With the potential scalability in mind, we ensured that not only did our solution support AkinovA in automating the matching process and adhere to their internal compliance procedures, but also improve the efficiency and efficacy of these processes. Pardot provided a seamless and automated solution for the AkinovA marketing team.

3. Customisation

Adapt IQ customised Salesforce Sales Cloud with complex automations to provide a solution to the matching requirements, compliance procedures, and other automations to replace mundane repetitive tasks previously performed by the team. Furthermore, we integrated their existing B2B Intelligence service, to provide the same functionality within Salesforce, eliminating the use of another disparate system.

Extending our customisation in a further phase, we automated the application of fee structures to enable AkinovA to consistently apply the correct fees without the use of spreadsheets or manual calculations, thus streamlining the process and mitigating the risk of error. Adapt IQ provided a controlled, cohesive and user-friendly Salesforce environment for AkinovA, ensuring data integrity and quality, providing increased and more accurate insight into the business, and increased forecasting capabilities.

4. Delivery

With daily touchpoints with the Project Team and ‘show and tell’ engagements with the Executive Sponsors, Adapt IQ delivered the solution within the planned timeframe. To ensure seamless adoption, Adapt IQ created fully customised and comprehensive training material, for both the Sales Cloud and Pardot implementations. With the addition of live walkthroughs, we delivered the training in a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach.

The training material was provided to AkinovA to act as a resource for future training requirements. Our training was further extended into Administrator training in the same format.