Case Study

Crowd With Us

Mezzanine Property Lender


Crowd With Us is a start-up FinTech providing borrowers with mezzanine development loans financed through it’s database of investors using it’s online platform.

To date, Crowd With Us has focused on ensuring their app provides a smooth end-to-end Experience, with a focus on ease of use. The business is now at the stage where it is looking to scale and is imminently onboarding a sales team. As such Salesforce has been chosen as the strategic platform to support the growth of Crowd With Us.


Endeavouring to continually improve their systems and processes, Crowd With Us needed to enhance their Project Onboarding process, Project Tracking and Investment operations to create an overall more efficient business process. Salesforce Sales Cloud provided the features and functionality to not only meet these objectives, but also provide a robust platform to scale as Crowd With Us continues to grow.

Operational efficiency was a key objective for success. With many Projects, both live and planned, each with their own Investors, Crowd With Us required a streamlined system to deal with the volume of communications as well as the monitoring of the Projects themselves.

Rich data analytics needed to be embedded in the system through Reports and Dashboards providing the Executive Management Team the ability to monitor performance of the Sales Teams and Projects, and make data-driven decisions based on live metrics.

Understanding the Objectives

During discovery engagements with the team at Crowd With Us, Adapt IQ sought to understand Crowd With Us’ business processes and key objectives.

Crowd With Us required the ability to effectively manage various types of Accounts and Contacts representing their diverse client base. Communication was key at Account and Contact level, but also at Project level to enable the team to communicate efficiently with the right people at the right time.

Crowd With Us sought to mitigate the re-keying of large amounts of data, and validating that data during the process of Onboarding a Project, through to its legal completion.

A mechanism for Task and Project Management was important to ensure the Sales Team were not missing important tasks during the busy and often complex Project lifecycle.
Adapt IQ advised on the design, data model and technical configuration of the solution to enable Crowd With Us to succeed in their objectives and provided a ‘proof-of-concept’ demonstration to the team.

Our Solution

Defining their approach

After mapping the desired business outcomes against the technical requirements, and having gained feedback from our demonstration, our solution was established. With Crowd With Us’ requirements and objectives in mind, we ensured that the Client Management aspect of the build was more efficient by utilising Gmail Integration and Einstein Activity Capture for different teams within Crowd With Us. A standardised onboarding process was established, and the Project process, from creation to completion, was designed to be quicker and more efficient.


Adapt IQ customised Salesforce Sales Cloud with automation to provide a solution to the large amount of data that needed to be transferred from the Onboarding of a Project, to its ‘live’ status. In creating this automation, the Onboarding Team and Sales Team had more capacity to nurture their relationships with Clients rather than manually enter data.

Further automation was designed to create Tasks for various Users on creation of a new Project. This Project ‘Action Plan’ automation allowed Executives to manage the Tasks to be created, the Assignee and all details of the Tasks, all from the UI. This approach ensured flexibility to allow Executives to pre-define Project Management targets with ease.

Crowd With Us’ Onboarding Team and Sales Teams had differing requirements for the use of email communications with their Client. As such, both the Gmail Integration and Einstein Activity Capture were configured in tandem to allow the teams to benefit from the advantages of each.

Crowd With Us will integrate Salesforce with their platform to enable the transfer of data between the two systems and Adapt IQ supported this initiative on the Salesforce side.


With daily touchpoints with the Project Team and ‘show and tell’, Adapt IQ delivered the solution within the planned timeframe. To ensure seamless adoption, Adapt IQ created fully customised and comprehensive training material, for both Users and System Administrators. A curated ‘Trailmix’ was created on Salesforce’s learning platform: Trailhead, to further support the learning of the System Administrators. We delivered the training in a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach using our training material and ‘live’ walkthroughs.
The training material was provided to Crowd With Us to act as a resource for future training requirements.


Crowd With Us are consummate professionals. Working with them in a collaborative approach allowed us to scope out business requirements and identify opportunities quickly and easily. Beyond the projects we have successfully executed together, we often discuss ideas and approaches to problems with the team as part of our ongoing relationship and look forward to working with them in the future.


The AdaptIQ Team


Adapt IQ did a superb job in supporting us throughout the entire process. We had a lot of questions, needs and wants and they delivered on all counts. Great team and would definitely work with them again


Rob Wilkinson

Director/ Co-Founder, Crowd With Us