Case Study


Ethical Clothing


Kowtow was founded in 2006 with the desire to create an ethical brand that would be the example for a forward thinking, global business. In 2018, Kowtow opened their flagship store in Wellington, New Zealand. They engaged with a slow production chain, where their collections could take up to 18 months from design to delivery. Kowtow source local New Zealand mohair, alpaca fleece and wool from farmers who commit to the highest grade of animal welfare, environmental care, and social responsibility. This includes commitment to no mulesing. Kowtow garments are certified by non-profit, internationally recognised organisations.


Adapt IQ were tasked to configure Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage Kowtow’s sales process, from lead entry through to closed opportunity, ensuring that the system was able to scale with the growth of the business. Centralisation of data, a single source of truth for CRM data, sales optimization, pipe gen, increased opportunity conversion were objectives key to drive ROI. Reporting was a particular focus, to allow Kowtow to easily identify growth and pipeline throughout the organisations’s products and locations.

Adapt IQ worked with Kowtow to understand their current processes and advised how Salesforce could streamline these, whist still allow for strategic growth. Also, we successfully integrated with their finance system Xero for invoicing and Cin7 for inventory order management. We are currently in the process of collecting requirements to integrate with Joor and Shopify in order to build on top of the strong foundation we created using Sales Cloud platform.

Our Solution

1. Understanding their objectives

After establishing full a understanding of Kowtow’s sales and business processes, we were able to advise on the fit for purpose design and technical configuration of their solution. Kowtow’s reporting and integration requirements were also assessed at this stage to ensure the implementation could take full advantage of Salesforce’s integral capabilities in these areas.

2. Defining their Approach

With Kowotow’s requirements and potential scalability in mind, our solution was established in line with industry best practices. We ensured that our solution would not only support Kowotow’s Sales Management and Lead conversion processes, but also improve the efficiency of these processes with effective integrations to their core business systems like Cin7, Xero, Joor and Shopify.

3. Customisation

Adapt IQ customised Salesforce CRM solution with automations taking the place of repetitive tasks previously performed by the users. Extending this customisation, we created a more versatile and user-friendly system, mitigating any potential issues with user adoption. With focus on the relevant processes, we were able to provide a more controlled, cohesive system for Kowtow. This ensured data integrity and quality, providing increased and more accurate insight and forecasting capabilities.

4. Delivery

After providing confidence and initial familiarity with regular touchpoints and ‘show and tells’, Adapt IQ delivered the solution for Kowtow within the planned timeframe. To ensure seamless user adoption, we created fully customised and comprehensive training material, which was delivered to Kowtow in a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach in its primary use. The training material was then also provided to Kowtow to act as a resource for future benefit. Also Adapt IQ NZ supports Kowtow on monthly basis and continuously ensures all the enhancements of Salesforce platform are relayed to enable business outcomes.


It’s been an experience and pleasure working with Adapt IQ NZ! Adapt IQ consultants looked at the business pain points and created a simplified design, roadmap with guided implementation. The team at AdaptIQ have supported us throughout this process by configuring Salesforce to our needs and expectations in an accelerated timeframe. We are getting very proactive and ongoing support from Adapt IQ NZ consultants as needed. We are a happy Customer and strongly recommend Adapt IQ for any Small to medium sized businesses


Sarah Taylor

Head of Sales, Kowtow