Case Study


Mailchimp Integration


Lightman Investment Management is an independent investment management company specialising in European equities. Founded in 2019, and based in London, Lightman manage the assets of a UK domiciled OEIC and a Luxembourg domiciled SICAV. With a small, highly focussed team, Lightman provide high levels of customer service, with a focus on relationship management and a transparent all-inclusive charging structure.


As existing users of Mailchimp, Lightman required their contact lists, Mailchimp campaigns and subscriber lists to be synched with Salesforce data. Furthermore, this information needed to be interacted with in Salesforce, enabling Lightman to manage Mailchimp data without having to switch between the two platforms.


Adapt IQ delivered the Salesforce Mailchimp Integration over one day to minimise disruption to Lightman, and quickly deliver on the objectives. Contact record pages were designed to maximise visibility of, and interaction with, Mailchimp data.

The Lightman team were trained on the use and administration of Mailchimp via Salesforce.


It was clear from the project's inception that Lightman Investment Partners had a good understanding of their Salesforce platform with a direct and succinct requirement. Working alongside their IT team we successfully implemented Mailchimp within a day to minimise any disruption to ongoing communications and migrated their contacts list quickly and easily. We look forward to supporting Lightman on all future implementation requirements"


The AdaptIQ Team


Steve, Mandip and the team took the time to really dissect our sales process and understand where we would gain the most valuable insights. They were able to convert broad business objectives into actionable processes and implement a system that gives us real visibility into our customers and deals.


Phil Horton

Sales Director, Lightman Investment Group