Case Study

LPM Bohemia

Blueprint / Enterprise Architecture Design


LPM Bohemia is a as a luxury marquee, tent manufacturer and hire business. Their revenue has been tracking steadily over the past few years, but they would now like to enable a higher degree of growth. As such, LPM Bohemia are embarking on a journey to transform their business as they recognise that their growth aspirations are not achievable without investment in new digital systems and processes.


LPM Bohemia’s plan is to grow the business through the creation of a global franchise model as well as launching a luxury retail brand, all under the Bohemia Canvas banner. In order to fuel this growth, LPM Bohemia have been advised to restructure the business in order to support the business’ different needs between franchise management and product manufacturing.

Adapt IQ were tasked with defining the target Enterprise Architecture for the ‘To Be’ Operating Model and as well as the creation of a robust solution in order to drive Digital Transformation. The solution needed to provide them with rich data in order to enable data-driven decisions as well as the ability to execute personalised marketing campaigns and experiences.

Our Solution

To initiate the engagement, several workshops were run to review and discuss the exiting operating model and identify any systems that may be suitable candidates to retain. The resulting architecture was designed to support Bohemia Canvas to manage the complete lifecycle of their business by delivering systems and processes to:
  • Identify and market to potential franchisee’s;
  • Register franchises and support them to market and trade with their customers;
  • Manage the franchise revenue model;
  • Fulfil manufacturing sales, whether that be via the franchises or directly;
  • Report on franchise performance using advanced analytics tool;
  • Provide an ecommerce sales channel for the new luxury retail brand.
Due to the scale of the ‘To Be’ Operating Model, Adapt IQ also divided the target architecture into four separate phases allowing for a more progressive approach to its delivery. Each phase provides valuable functionality to Bohemia Canvas to support their most compelling needs at the time.

Finally, Adapt IQ offered recommendations to how LPM Bohemia should define the scope for each delivery partner ensuring they work together to successfully delivery a change programme of this magnitude.


Adapt IQ were quick to understand our business goals and collaborate with us to become a seamless extension of our team


Graham Creswell

Director, LPM Bohemia